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Greater Accra | Ghana.

My Works

My Experiments.


First XML 'languages' I learnt, perfected, & have been practicing till now. Fell in love with SVG

Javascript | Dart | Java | C# |*

Youtube made me feel like XML's do not qualify as programming so I practiced these. They were right. 😁

Photoshop | Illustrator

It's photoshop and illustrator... don't think I need to say much about it.

Wordpress | other CMS

Honestly, I am greatful for these platforms. Made a lot of things easier for me.

Angular | React | Flutter

These frameworks got me learning about Backend Development and PWA

Adobe XD | Figma

Prototyping looks like extra work for a developer but it makes coding faster


Who doesn't love styling? The best part of front-end development.

PHP | Node.js

After learning frameworks, I started learning these for backend and it got me into databases.


Something extra I picked to help my clients get traffic. Now it is very essential for every site I make.

About Me.

Just a tall lad who's been in love with computers since seeing 'NetForce' by Tom Clancy in 2002. Self-taught developer who managed to pair learning programming with living life & not look like a geek "Honestly, not that hard".
P.S I'm not a hacker 😉.
Legal Name: Charles Appah Biney
Gender: Male
Phone: +233 50 577 2972
DOB: 15th October 1995
Nationality: Ghanaian
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Regent University Col. of Science and Tech.
Bachelor’s degree ISS
2018 – 2022
Yeshua Institute of Technology
Diploma in Professional Computer
2014 – 2016
St. Jons Grammar Senior High
Business School
2009 - 2013


2019 - Today
Website Development
Orion Touch Technoloogies
2017 - Today
2015 - 2017
Web Developer
Capture Plus


  • Frontend Development (Web / Mobile)
  • Graphic Design
  • UI/UX Prototyping
  • Backend Development
  • Databases

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